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australian miniature goat

The Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia's members listed in this Mini Goat Directory are authorised for publication by the members concerned. The Miniature Goat Breeders association offers no warranty of any kind in relation to the standard of any Australian Miniature goat offered for sale by a Breeder or as to the reputation or skill of any Breeder. We highly recommend you research the breed that you are interested in before making your purchase.



Below is a list of breeders and members in the state. Members with a Website will have a link directly to their website highligted in blue.


Karyn Atkinson, Royston 4515 ,0438818414 Email
  PATONA PARK Sue Ludwig, Boyland,4275, 0428430294 Aussie Mini Breed Founder Aussie Mini
Measurer Trainer
  BOUNCING HOOVES Simone O'Brien, Bundaberg, 4670. Email Foundation Breeder Not Breeding
  PIKAMINI Tracy Newman, Fernvale 4306, 0429360086 Email Foundation Breeder Aussie Mini
  KAZOO Karyn Atkinson, Royston 4515 ,0438818414 Email Foundation Breeder Aussie Mini/Pygmy
Qualified Measurer
  SAFFRON HILL Ken and Kay Hannah, Gympie 4275, 07 53544017 or 0402 405 408.
Aussie Mini
Certified Measurer 2015
Craiglea Stud CRAIGLEA Rosalie Bryce, Esk, 4312, 0404 080 550, Email Aussie Mini/Nigerian
Qualified Measurer
WILD RIVER Debbie Nicolaides, Southside Gympie, 4570, 0487 963076  Email  Aussie Mini
Certified Measurer 2015
  DINGUS PARK Sonia & Mark Goding,Amamoor, 4570, 0417 815 285, Email Aussie Mini
  ROBINS NEST Marie Robins,Eumundi, 4562,(07) 5442 8575 Email Aussie Mini
Kim and Rheinold Billiau, Coochin QLD 4310, 0432 579 872 Email
Aussie Mini/Nuwby
Qualified Measurers
  TINY DANCERS Jo Mitchell, Toogoom 4655 ph:0437 884 699 Email
Aussie Mini
Certified Measurer 2015
  WIBRIGIN Toni Gall, Morayfield 4506 ph: 0419 024 681 or 07 38866991 Email
Aussie Mini
  MINNIEVALE Tracie Painter, Tarzali,4885 ph:07 40965093 or 0420 949 564 Email Aussie Mini
  MINIHERDS Emily Annett's, Horseshoe Lagoon, 4809, 0459 334 225 Email Aussie Mini
John and Cynthia Andrews , Mooloolah Valley 4553, 0477770567
Aussie Mini
  MAMOSA Juanita Barrett, Rosemount, 4560, 0422057782 Email Aussie Mini
  MALIBU Sandra Oakley & Bruce Doran.Purga, 4306,0417167194 Email Aussie Mini
    Alice Oakley, Purga, 4306,0448868651 Email Certified Measurer 2015
  BLUEHILLS Rhonda Masters, Kulangar, 4560,07 54467584 Email Aussie Mini
Certified Measurer 2015
Junabel Facebook JUNABEL Angela Smyth, Coowonga, 4702, 0409270922 Email Aussie Mini
Qualified Measurer
Buccanwood BUCCANWOOD Claire & Jordan Pearson, Buccan, 4207, 0430045526 Email Aussie Mini
  BAMBI Edwina Osborne, Withcott, 4352, 07 46303928 Email Aussie Mini
  EVERGREEN Liam & Andrea Olders, Beenleigh, 4207, 07 55464603, Email Aussie Mini
  SHEARWATER Carolyn Robins, Belli Park, 4562, 0418 463 099, Email Aussie Mini
Stoney Creek STONEY CREEK Rodney Surawski & Summer Niotakis,
Guanaba, 4210, 0412 454 763 Email
All Breeds
Rodney: Certified Measurer 2015
Summer: Qualified Measurer
WINDY RIDGE Sharon Parkyn, Widgee 4570 ,0409181829 Email Aussie Mini/Pygmy
Certified Measurer 2015
  WESTON PARK Michelle Anderson, Harrisville, 0410649421 Email Aussie Mini
  AHMANE Hannah Eaton and Thomas Castles, Blackbutt North 4306 , 0438649369 Email Aussie Mini
Certified Measurer 2015
  CONAJARE Brendan and Yvonne Crowley, Tallebudgera, 0405701420. Email Aussie Mini
  KELDEAN Rondahe Wallace, Purga, 4306, 0418 744604 Email Aussie Mini
  MINI-LEE Elizabeth and Brenton Lee, Tamborine, 4270, 0438 591425 Email Aussie Mini/Pygmy
Brenton:Qualified Measurer
BRIAWELL Brianne Heffernan and Maxwell Hunter, Logan Village, 4207, 0414 621851 Email Aussie Mini
GRUFFNSTUFF Fiona Johnston, Ormeau, 4208, 0419461476, Email Aussie Mini
  Social Member Lisa Edwards, Morayfield, 4506, 0400665611, Email  
  ROBERTS FARM Lynette Masters, Townsville, 4811,0427603131, Email Aussie Mini
  MIN8URE VALLEY Lisa Mowles and Darren Webster, Woodford, 4514, 0408067792 Email Aussie Mini
ARIKIRA Natalie Warnick, Gatton, 4343. Email All Breeds
  Full Member Peter Knight, North Maclean, 4280, 0732975057 or 0437753515, Email Aussie Mini
  REGAL OAKS Sophia Dolan and Alex Boyd, Beenleigh, 4207 , 0457740906 Email Aussie Mini
  HARLAN ACRES Jay and Kym deVries, Tinana South, 4650, 0422603834, Email Aussie Mini
  BUNGE Robyn Goldsmith, Roma, 4455, 0488527355, Email Aussie Mini
  Full Member Shelly Stockhill, Coulson,4310, 0431875021, Email Aussie Mini
  KAMALAYA FARM Jade Holberton and Shaun Strang, Tallebudgera Valley,4228, 0755226831 Email Aussie Mini
Nigerian Dwarf
  MOUNTAIN VIEW Allan Walker and Michelle Piggott, Greens Creek 4570. Email  
  PETITE PASSION Vicki and Murray O'Flynn, Eudlo, 4554, 0421327989, Email Aussie Mini
  Social Member Peter and Bree Paisley, The Dawn, 4570 Email  

No Stud

Mark Whittam and Barbara Jeffery, Caboolture, 4510 0433328454 Email  
Kelli Berghofer, Takura, 4655, 0437702026 Email Aussie Mini
Helen Bryer, Takura, 4655, 0403099907, Email Aussie Mini
Janice, Anna and Ryan Blair,Capalaba,4157, O407595045 Email Aussie Mini
Donna  and David Stasinowsky, Laidley, 4341, 0401490032 Email  
  No Stud Tim Thomas, Tamborine, 4270, 0487300484. Email Certified Measurer 2015
  NARION FARM Trevor and Lynne Nardi, Greens Creek, 4570, 0419708340, Email Aussie Mini
  PEPPERHORN Amanda Barlogie/Steve Shelton, Dundouran, 4655, 0421944298, Email Aussie Mini
  No stud Brenton Lee, Tamborine, 4270, 0432727486, Email Certified Measurer 2015
  ELNATHAN Linda Dutton, Bells Bridge, 4570, 0401072172 No Email  
  MYSTICAL MINIATURES John and Renae Haines, Prenzlau, 4311,0432695158, Email Aussie Mini
  SANBRAH Andrew Irvine and Charlotte McKay, Laidley 4341, 0423152266 Email  
  Social Member Amanda Barbe, Capalaba 4157 Email  
  Social Member Natalie Worth, Currumbin Valley 4223 Email  
  PAISLEY CREEK Peter Paisley and Bree Galbraith, The Dawn 4570, 0407618034, Email  
  TIPPYTOES Lesley Richards, Palmwoods, 4555, 408781023 Email Aussie Mini/Nigerian Dwarf
  No Stud Col & Trina Morley, Pie Creek 4570, 417778294, Email  
  Social Member Barb Boyce, Kilkivan, 4600, 54841988, Email  
  No Stud Bernadette Gilmore and Cody Hale, Pomona, 4568, 0427 852 006, Email  
  FIDELIS Tracey Lamb, Chambers Flat, 4133, 0438565810, Email  

Greg Gear and Geoff Dodd, Woodford, 4514, 0419012138, Email

    Jennifer Taylor, Garven, 4211, 0448227885. Email  

Andrew Kuzmicz, Gaven, 4211, 0416028404, Email


Kimberley College (Talis Blums), Carbrook 4130, 0417404344, Email

    Martin, Tracey, Nathan Edie, Kerry QLD 4285, 0411106651, Email  

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