mgba membership

Sharon Roby and Kym Van Der Harst,
Postal Address: PO Box 357, Maldon VIC 3463

Membership year is from 1st January to the 31st December.(AGM 2015)

The Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia Inc. is an exclusive group that values the contributions of all its members, and conducts all business in an open, transparent and accountable manner.
Membership is open to owners, breeders and all goat enthusiasts alike. Prior to membership application please read the MGBA Rules of Association (constitution), Miniature Goat Breeders Association's Code of Ethics and Code of Sportsmanship for membership conditions. MGBA Membership may include one single person, family members of the same household or two adults under the same stud name (Joint membership). Membership is not transferable


Direct Deposit/ Money Order and Cheque ($5.00 Cheque processing fee)

Australian Registered Body Number: 169 787 099, Incorporated Number: IA35943 (2007)
ANZ Bank
BSB: 014509
Account: 485194316
**** Please use your SURNAME or MEMBERSHIP NUMBER for reference.
Please allow 2 weeks for membership processing. If your application takes longer than 2 weeks please contact the membership officer or the Association Secretary.

NEW MEMBERS NOT WANTING TO BREED - ORDINARY OR SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. You can join with ordinary membership and apply at later time for a stud name if you decide you would like to breed.

Membership is annual from 1st January and ends on the 31st of December each year. Lapsed memberships will have all membership details removed from website/promotional material on 1st January of the following year.

$10.00:- JOINING FEE (administration fee - applies to all new membership listings and for re-entering listing of lapsed memberships)
$66.00: - ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP (Breeder - 1 Vote)
$45.00:- PRO-RATA of ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP (Breeder - 1 Vote) - offered to NEW members joining for the first time - after 1st July

FREE:- School (and College) Membership Scholarship (MGBA Youth Encouragement Program) is offered by the MGBA to schools and colleges wishing to participate in association events who have acquired MGBA registered (or eligible) animals that are incorporated in the schools education program. Schools & Colleges wishing to register a Stud Prefix are required to complete a Stud Prefix Application- fees apply and a membership application must be completed and submitted.


$35.00:- SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP (not breeding or registering - no vote)
$25.00:- NEW MEMBER REFERRAL FOR SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (not breeding or registering - no vote) - (joining fee waivered) Rules: Referring Members must hold full membership. The referred applicant/s must agree to the Association code of ethics/bylaws and regulations by signing application form prior to being submitted by referring member. Payment and application must be submitted by referring member. Approved Social membership/s may pay $31.00 to upgrade to Full Ordinary Membership if wanting to become a breeder and register animals.

Pro-rata Rate not offered for Social Memberships

ALL Membership applications must be completed in full and submitted with correct fees where applicable for consideration and are subject to Committee Approval

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS – available to “Members of Good Standing1




Inc Schools / Colleges2



One vote

Access to Members message board

Can be nominated for management committee positions within the MGBA

Regular MGBA Newsletter

Member Name on MGBA website

Member listing (with contact details) on MGBA website

Stud listing (with contact details, website / facebook) on MGBA website

Access to online breed database.

Can participate at MGBA shows and events.

Can show animals

Unlimited free classified advertising

Can transfer and height upgrade animals

Can apply for measuring course

Can be MGBA measurer on qualification

Can apply for Steward/Judge courses.

Can be an MGBA Judge on qualification

Can register animals

Able to register own stud bred stock under own Stud Prefix

1 Member of good standing is the status assigned to a Member when they;

- have remained current on membership fees;
- do not have outstanding debits;
- do not have substantiated complaints against them;
- stay current with registry obligations;
- uphold their commitment to the Association Rules and Ethics;
- work collaboratively to strengthen the Association;
- do not engage in any activities or conduct that will bring the Association into disrepute.

2 School (and College) Membership Scholarship (MGBA Youth Encouragement Program) is offered by the MGBA to schools and colleges wishing to participate in association events who have acquired MGBA registered (or eligible) animals that are incorporated in the schools education program. Schools & Colleges wishing to register a Stud Prefix are required to complete a Stud Prefix Application- fees apply.


Where does my membership go?
$10.00 from every new membership and every annual membership renewal each year with the MGBA is returned back to the state the member joined or renewed and put into a state "kitty" for each state to use per calendar year for breed promotions, shows, information days or Christmas get together's.
$14.00 from every membership is paid to Premium Breed for each membership subscription to access the online Miniature Goat database.
All other funds cover funding for states, judges transport, printing costs for newsletters, website and domain costs and misc items over the year including outside sponsorship.

Becoming an MGBA member.

As a condition of membership applicants agree to; create a favourable public image of the Australian Miniature goat and the Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia Inc -- advance the interests of the MGBA at all times & maintain its integrity including following the highest standard of stud management, business practice & fair & proper competition -- promote the use of good sound judgment, ethical behaviour and professional conduct at all times -- record & maintain accurate details of animals listed in a miniature goat registry including the provision of transfer / service details for animal(s) within 30 days of completion of sale -- promote and support the development of the miniature goat breed -- bring together people interested in the miniature goat breeds -- collect, publish and share relevant information -- encourage and maintain high standards of breeding, consistent with adopted height and breed standards -- promote appropriate housing, handling, health, welfare, management and selling of animals -- comply with the Rules and Regulations relating to the keeping of goats as required by local and state authority and Miniature Goat Breeders Association -- encourage participation in events that promote development of the miniature breeds -- maintain a high standard of ethical conduct comprised of honesty, integrity and fair dealing between members, between members and the association and between members and non-members, essential to the success of the association. [Articles of Association (current 19.04.2017) Objects]

Members of the Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia Inc. (MGBA). will be bound by the Rules, Regulations and Code of Ethics set by the MGBA and any decisions, actions and amendments of the MGBA and will be expected to endeavour to familiarise themselves with the same. Authorisation must be given to the MGBA and those associated with them, to list and disclose contact details, (name, stud name, phone number, suburb, state, postcode, email, website) to enquirers and to include contact details in publications, handouts, website and promotional material. Members authorise the use of information provided and or collected for administrating functions of the MGBA, handling of complaints and disclosure of all such information including but not limited to; correspondence, proceedings and outcomes recorded in the minutes of the association.

Further, when attending any event members are responsible for any child and any non-member accompanying them. Members agree that events have the potential to be dangerous and accept that while every effort will be made with regard to safety including their own responsibilities, they remain responsible for any loss, damage or injury incurred or caused by them and will not hold the MGBA or its representatives responsible for any damage, loss or injury incurred.

Members indemnify the MGBA, its members and agents against all actions, claims, proceedings and liabilities and acknowledge that no matter or thing done or omitted by the management committee or duly elected official subjects the management committee, duly elected official or incorporated association to any liability. Each member releases the incorporated association, management committee members and duly elected officials from any such liability.

Members understand and accept full responsibility for ensuring contact details are kept up-to-date and will not share membership usernames or passwords.

MGBA believes that everyone has a right to be treated fairly with dignity and respect and is committed to maintaining a safe positive environment (including social media) that promotes responsible, professional, respectful behaviour. MGBA will not tolerate harassment, discrimination, intimidation, bullying or abuse of those, and by those, involved in the association. In accordance with ‘industry best practice’ MGBA seek to recruit and retain those people committed to maintaining these principles and will reject those who do not uphold the same values. The MGBA reserve the right to cancel membership should a complaint/breach be substantiated.

Your application must be approved by the Committee and all membership fees must be paid in full and be clear funds.
Showing - If you want to show your goats and would like to bring children, other family members or friends to handle your stock, they do not need to be members, goats are entered under your membership (ordinary or social) and anyone can come and handle your goats on the day!

Membership information: Membership renewal is due and payable by the 1st January annually to be a current financial member. Only Members of good standing are entitled to vote and participate at shows as well as have access to other member benefits.