How to measure your Miniature Goat - MGBA

Only MGBA registered breeders holding current MGBA membership can measure MGBA goats for registration and show purposes.  Measuring methods and standing techniques can differ between groups/Associations.


Measuring Stick: Measuring appliance
Measurer: MGBA registered breeders holding current MGBA membership who are experienced and competent to measure miniature goats. 
Measurer / Witness: (any two of the following1); A Registered MGBA Breeder, a Qualified or a Certified MGBA approved Measurer, a Certified MGBA Show Steward or a Qualified Vet who is competent in the measuring of miniature goats.
Handler: The person responsible for the Goat including, but not limited to, the Owner, the Exhibitor and the Lessee.

1 higher grade animals must be measured by MGBA Qualified, MGBA Certified measurer or Veterinarian.


Measuring your goat


It is important you learn to stand your animals the right way and measure their height correctly. If you are measuring incorrectly you can easily add on or take off an extra inch or so.

- It is important to make sure that the animal is standing in a relaxed position and not leaning backwards or forwards. (Accurate measurement cannot be taken when the animal is held by horns).

- The height is measured in centimetres.

1. Height Measurement is to be taken at the highest point of the wither to the ground with the animal standing squarely on all four feet with all legs in a vertical line to the ground & head in relaxed upright position. Hooves should be neatly trimmed.

2. Measurement Device for show purposes is a fixed two footed bar that is placed over the wither of the animal while standing correctly on a solid surface. Both feet must be on the ground and no pressure applied to hold the device down on to the wither for the animal to be deemed to have measured-in. For registration purposes, space under the top bar can be measured with a tape measure from the underside of the bar to the wither to provide an accurate measurement.

To purchase or veiw example of devices available for sale or a spirit level egample Example Here

3. Measurement Surface must be a flat level surface, concrete, wood, solid level ground. The measurer must take particular care to ensure that the surface on which the goats are to be measured is solid and level, preferably concrete.
4. If a witness is necessary for your registration, the witness shall assist the measurer and will also examine the measuring stick reading that they will be signing to. The witness is to keep the animal steady.
5. A total of three measurements may be taken, then added together and divided by three. This will give an overall average and the result shall be deemed to be the height of the goat.

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