MGBA Code of Ethics.

Each member, upon signing an Application for Membership of the MGBA and being duly elected to general membership shall, in addition to agreeing to be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the MGBA and to any subsequent amendments, shall also be bound by the MGBA Code of Ethics.

In consideration of the Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia Inc. (MGBA) I, as a Member/Breeder, understand that I have certain responsibilities to the miniature goat breed and to the Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia Inc. including its members and I pledge to;

Help create a favourable public image of the Australian Miniature goat and the MGBA;
Be bound by the Rules, Bylaws, Standards and Ethics of the Association and to any subsequent amendments and will endeavor to familiarize myself with them;
Aspire to advance the interests of the Association at all times and maintain its integrity including following the highest standard of stud management, business practice and fair and proper competition;
Use good sound judgment and ethical behavior and conduct myself in a professional and ethical manner at all times;
Represent the MGBA in a positive and professional manner when in public ,on social media or dealing with the public and other MGBA members;

 Will not share/disclose or distribute usernames and passwords allocated to use with MGBA services or access to online members areas;  

Comply with the Rules and Regulations relating to the keeping of goats as required by my local and state authority and will allocate each animal with an ear tag with a property identification code (PIC) on one side AND individual consecutive animal number on the other side;
Ensure all animals in my care shall be properly housed, handled, adequately fed and watered receive proper medical attention when required and are easily and correctly identifiable;
Breed for the purpose of improving the miniature goat breed and ensure that my surplus animals are adequately homed and/or disposed of;
Maintain appropriate stud records and correctly register my animals;
Ensure that all persons acquiring goats from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care, and welfare of the animal/s (including any individual requirements) and advise them to seek veterinary advice with health issues;
Ensure all recorded animals are transferred within 30 days of completion of sale OR where animals are sold unregistered – details of sale (without papers) are forwarded to registrar to ensure registry is updated;

Provide a signed Service Certificate and/or submit a Buck Return for my stud buck when selling a doe in-kid doe/or that has been housed with a buck/ or after service to an outside animal, after all relevant fees have been paid;

All Animals owned by me that I have registered with the MGBA are to have up to date registry information required under breed rules not limited to all height upgrades, adult upgrades, desexing notifications and animal transfers.
Ensure all animal registration requirements under my Membership are kept up to date in conjunction with MGBA bylaws.
Help new breeders and ensure they have a solid information base;
Correctly represent the characteristics of the breed, correctly advertise and not mislead any person regarding any aspects of an animal.
I understand that any dishonorable or unprofessional conduct or practice, which results in a written complaint lodged with MGBA will be investigated and may result in disciplinary action. I further understand that the MGBA reserve the right to cancel my membership should such a complaint be substantiated.
I understand that any breach of the rules or code of ethics may cause my membership to be terminated with the Miniature Goat Breeders Association of Australia Inc.

Updated 7/8/2016

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