History of the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats into Australia.

Established in Australia
by - Micheal Garwood.


In 2012 Michael started the long and expensive journey to bring a new breed of goat, the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat, from USA to Australia.
Initially I just wanted a pair of small goats to keep weeds in our garden under control and to supply us with milk to make fresh goat cheese, just what I thought a lot of other people might want to do. Searching the net, I found the perfect type of breed to fit the bill: small size, lovely temperament, giving a large amount of milk with the highest butterfat and milk solid content of all goat breeds - perfect for cheese making.The drawback was that my chosen breed didn’t exist in Australia nor New Zealand.
Australia has very stringent bio-security measures in place and it is almost impossible to bring frozen goat embryos into the country. In 2014 Michael was the first person ever to import frozen dairy goat embryos. The same year we implanted a small number of them as a trial run and they resulted in the five first ever Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats being born in Australia. Among them was only one doe, our precious Chloe. We sold beautiful Apollo to a Queensland Miniature Goat breeder and Frederik is still with us waiting for his export license to New Zealand.
We will implant a larger number of embryos in April and will sell more purebred Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat bucklings in coming Spring.The first purebred does will be for sale in 2016, we hope. Meanwhile we have frozen semen straws from our 3 original bucks for sale. For details and pedigree go to our site:

We breed for show quality with emphasis on dairy character and milk production.
I believe the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat will play a important part in the Australian goat landscape. It will be embraced by commercial cheese makers for its outstanding milk quality as well as by backyard and hobby farmers who enjoy growing their own food and living more self-sufficiently.


Written by Ulrike Garwood

Foundation breeders -

The MGBA list of recongise Australian Dwarf Goat Foundation breeders. All have contributed to the development and/or establishment of the breed in Australia. If you are an MGBA member and have Nigerian goat kids you have bred and registered with the MGBA and have fullfilled the above criteria please contact the MGBA Secretary with your application details for approval.

(Nigerian Dwarf breeder/subcommittee member) STONEY CREEK FARM, Rodney Surawski & Summer Niotakis - QUEENSLAND
(Nigerian Dwarf breeder / Subcommittee member) RIVERSTONE STUD, Seleena Nichols- VICTORIA
(Nigerian Dwarf breeder / Subcommittee member) CRAIGLEA COTTAGE, Rosalie Convery - QUEENSLAND
(Nigerian Dwarf breeder/subcommittee member)
ZODIAC STUD, Fiona and Brendon Everett- NEW SOUTH WALES

Foundation breeders